About Stash-it


The Stash-it Way....

Stash-it is dedicated to providing premium quality diversion safe products.  While most diversion safe products are poorly designed and cheaply produced, Stash-it has gone above and beyond to ensure that we deliver well-made and extremely useful products.  In fact, many of our customers have shared stories about how they've traveled around the world with our products securing their valuables.  You will quickly find out that our diversion safe products will pay for themselves over and over again protecting money, jewelry, and important documents and other valuables.  When it doubt where to hide it STASH-IT!


The brand Stash-it is a registered trademark in the USA.  

The trademark is registered under our Company R3Stash, LLC and exclusively sold and distributed by R3Stash, LLC , a Miami Limited Liability Company.

For more information regarding our products and brand, please contact us by email at the following address: