Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-it, Can Safe to Hide Money, Jewelry, or Valuables with Discreet Secret Removable Lid and Bonus Smell Proof Bag

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  • HIDE OR STORE YOUR VALUABLES: Secret false top unscrews to display hidden stash safe.
  • FOR AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO: Take it with you wherever you go without drawing attention to your valuables.
  • HAS THE LOOK AND FEEL OF A REAL HAIRBRUSH: Fully functional diversion product.
  • Includes: 1x Stash-it Hair Brush Safe, 1x cap, 1x smell proof bag, Retail Box. Money seen in pictures not included!

Secretly hide your valuables with the Stash-it Hair Brush Diversion Safe. It is always good to have a special safe for your valuables that you want to stash around your home, or on the go! This brush looks like an actual hair brush. You can easily transport it in your car, bag, or purse without causing suspicion or alerting thieves of your valuable items.

Stash your money! Stash your valuables!

The Stash-it Hair Brush Diversion Safe is a great way to hide your valuables!  There is enough room to safely fit 30 rolled bills.  This is a great way to hide your money as you are traveling, headed to the beach, or anywhere you find yourself carying valuables.  Most people don't want to handle others hairbrushes so it serves as an excellent diversion from would be thieves or nosey friends and family. 

Some examples of items to Stash

  • Money!
  • Jewelry (use the stash-it bag included so the jewelry doesn't rattle in the brush
  • Bitcoin Paper Wallets
  • USB jump drives with personal information
  • Other items that you would rather be out of plain sight!



30 Rolled-Up Dollar Bills fit Safely!

A great feature of the Stash-it Hair Brush Diversion Safe is that it also serves as a great hair brush!  It is always great to have an item that serves more than one purpose. The hair brush bristles are made of Boar Hair.

Even if you don't want to use it as your primary hair brush, it is a good idea to brush your hair a few times with it so that it looks used and is more inconspicuous.


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